TAX & Zakat

TAX & Zakat

Qatar is an exciting place to do business with many opportunities, however with opportunities come challenges, Understanding and deciding how to setup a business and the regulatory and tax rules according to Islamic Legislation for all Capitals and Companies

Our tax practice offers local tax experts in jurisdiction across the region. Our tax professional blend the local country technical knowledge and with appropriate regional and global insight on the latest developments in tax policies, legislation and administration. In addition our people are able to help client develop and execute business strategies,

The Office is meeting the needs of customers to carry out periodic review and final stages of the review process through the following:

  • To plan review process.
  • To assess the accounting systems and internal control.
  • To test the systems of internal control (controls tests).
  • To examine the transactions and balances (check tests).
  • A comprehensive examination of the financial statements and approve.




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