Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance

You want security

At Al Fadala Chartered Accountants, we have the right blend of experience and commercial understanding to deliver quality audit work to our clients. Since last 8 years we are serving

More than 670 client, in different sectors like Trading, Manufacturing, Real-estate etc..

Business leaders, boards and other stake holders need to have confidence in the reliability and integrity of their financial information, this is what our auditors provide.

Our auditors provide a robust, independent and informed opinion on client’s financial information, empowering them to make decision with confidence.

Our approach is largely risk based and focus on timely identification of major issues and communication of these identified issues to the concerned department, and most importantly professional integrity, independency and ethical behavior.

The auditing of financial statements in accordance with auditing standards and accounting international and all legal requirements, we also set up programs and audit procedures in accordance with the detailed nature of the activity and the flow of the facility operations.

1-Internal audit and risk management

Detect problems that may not be made available to senior management time to follow-up and propose the necessary recommendations to solve them and deal with them.

  • Identify new perspectives and discover ways and methods to work better
  • Rationalization of administrative decisions
  • Reports of the administration of the recommendations and proposals. .
  • Contribute to the control and coordination between departments.
  • Improve control procedures and simplify the work process and improve communication.

  2- External Audit

  • Analyze and evaluate financial and accounting aspects.
  • Preparation of financial and accounting systems and regulations.
  • The preparation of regulations and procedures for cost accounting.
  • The preparation of policies and internal control procedures.
  • Preparation of procurement policies and procedures and contracts.
  • Policies and procedures set up warehouses.

   3- Reports

  • The balance sheet.
  • The income statement for the period
  • Equity for the period
  • Cash flow for the period
  • Financial indicators, and notes for the financial period.

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