Financial Advisory Services

Financial Advisory Services

The role of the accounting office is no longer as it was old has become our role now in a world full of variables to be larger than just auditors has become of us now required feasibility studies and cash flow studies, evaluation studies and studies of a merger of companies and study the market value of shares.

And even client became have the exercise expertise of business activities during the stock market and has become a daily questions on the assessment of the situation of companies, technical analysis and financial support to the shares or may buy shares of a company run by our role through our consultants will satisfy your wishes in all investment activities.

First, evaluate and develop investment projects:

The services provided by our office to its customers and the many specialized areas such as feasibility studies of projects or set up their financial systems and assistance in obtaining trade and industry licenses from concerned authorities. It is a practical experience of direct and extensive knowledge with the latest methods of assessment, government procedures and requirements for financial institutions, our office draws to turn abstract idea into a reality felt and entity tangible, and through close relationships with many customers at home and abroad, we can also assist in the selection of the right partner for the proposed project.


If you are considering buying a stake in an existing company, or selling part of your company or your organization, we, through our extensive experience in asset valuation and analysis of expectations of future profitability, we can help you make the right decision for the purchase or sale or merger.

In the area of assessment and development of investment projects our office has provided many services in this area.


Second, evaluation and study of market conditions

Now we have many changes and large expansions of markets, such markets needed  studies can show sizes and show its capabilities and its components, it is known that in order for the national industries to take its place in global markets, especially in light of the ever-increasing globalization of markets and products, it has to investigate the situation of their target markets and considering their needs and the available opportunities and to strengthen their competitiveness by enabling them to continue and remain in these markets.


In our office, group of experienced experts enjoying extensive experience with respect to direct friction to economic circumstances and current industry conditions at both the public and private sectors that have an impact on the markets and demand for products and industries, out of our understanding of social, cultural and environmental conscious the uniqueness of the region, we can collect for our clients data and information in circumstances which may not help others to succeed, so our office is constantly working to modernize and develop the knowledge base so keep abreast all new on the scene changes.


In the area of studies and market research, the office has many of these studies, among them, for example, the following:


Study of real estate investment market, including analysis and evaluation of real estate investment opportunities in Qatar, in addition to assess the conditions of

Local, regional and global competition position for the purpose of determining strategies required to move rapidly towards the target markets and also determine the optimum size of operations and production project to be established.


Study the industrial market in several areas (such as cable industry – the tire industry – the battery industry, manufacturing plc.-pipes and the concrete industry – brick – the industry of machinery and heavy equipment – and other industries ….)


Third, study and design of organizational structures and management systems:

Success does not come amid the competitive atmosphere that prevails among the work at the present time only by achieving the greatest possible benefit from the physical Investments; however, many entrepreneurs overlook the importance of achieving the largest possible return of «their humanity investments ». Also human resource development (HRD) have become from the grounds on which an increasingly important day by day for companies and institutions that realize the extent of their need to reduce the cost component of productive employment for services and goods provided by its clients to remain in the competition.
In this area have expert office skills and know-how necessary to evaluate all structures and systems management of any company or institution, and then design plans and programs that increase productivity and improve competitiveness through a variety of tools and strategies for the development of systems that include, for example, information systems management mechanism and financial systems and organizational structures, training programs and incentives, and others.

Fourth, the establishment of companies:

The planning and agreement of founders on the choice of the legal form of incorporation, which is given from which the benefits and take full advantage of the existing laws. Where the office establishment of companies, starting from writing the company’s contract and to complete all registration procedures and include all kinds of different businesses such as joint stock companies and limited liability companies and single person companies of all types and in all areas of work either to the public, commercial or technical, as well as representation of companies in front of all government agencies and others.

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