The Audit System

The Audit System

We provide The Audit system to all the corporate companies doing business with Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al Fadala Office represented by- Dr. Radwan El Mansour – Managing Partner

We have some unlimited examples:

1-Builders Contracting Co. owned by: Sheikh Ali Khaled Ahmed

Al- Tani  which has huge Assets is one of the biggest companies in contracting and real estate field..

2-Red Line Co. owned by: Sheikh Mansour Bin Jabr Al- Thani one of personality in real estate investment market and Industrial products in Qatar such as;

3- Petro foam Plastic Co:

Sheikh Jabr Bin Jassim (God Rest his Soul) & Sons

Sheikh Abdelaziz bin Jabar Bin Jassim

Shaikh/ Hamad Bin Jabr ,

Sheikh /Mansour bin Jabr Bin Jassim ,

Sheikh /Jassim Bin Jabar Bin Jassim Al Tani

4-We provide Mohamed Al Hail Group: Al Sarh Trading & contracting and Genco Trading w.l.l co  the Audit report for years: 2011 – 2013 and still dealing according to the Audit system

5-National Transport Office owned by: Mr. Mohamed Hasan Al -Mohanadi – Pioneer in transportation is seeking to improve the Citizen’s Income 2011 to yet

6- National Group for Trading and Contracting owned by: Sheikh/Naïf Bin Ali Al -Thani in contracting and Real Estate Investment and industry with branches;Qatar National Company for Aluminum Panels.

  • Khaleej Company for Wall systems
  • Q Seal for Membrane and Coating


8- Confident &Travel agency owned by:

Sheikh Mashal Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al -Thani represented by: Abderahman Al Kuwari

9- Doha Business Consulting Co:

10- Amber Group owned by: Mr. Nasser Ali Hamad Abdullah Al- Attiyah dealing in Industry and Trading and Contracting and Real Estate Fields.

11- Extreme Pilling Co. represented by: Mr. Isaa  Bin Rashid  Al-Rabiaa

12- Al Nahdi Group has been changed to:

Joint Venture Company.

13- Mesopotamia Company represented by: Mr. Suleiman Hider Al-hider one of famous man in Real Estate in Qatar and GCC Market is dealing also in Contracting and Building maintenance.

14- Spring for Maintenance Co. owned by: Mr. Ali Mohamed Yusuf Rabieh Al -Kuwari is dealing in labors and manpower supplier and Building Maintenance and transportation and contracting

15- Reviewing and auditing all companies and private accounts of:  Sheikh: Mishal Bin Jassim Ahmed Al -Thani ( Al Shahbaa Co) .

16- Feasibility Study for Al Nour Manufacture “Plastic Industries” owned by: Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Bin Jasim Al-Thani

Auditing and preparing the financial position as following:Petro Foam, Pertro Plastic, Qatar

Plastic and J Plast wll owned by Sheikh: Mansour Bin  Jabar Al Thani and Sons. Petr Foam,      Pertro Plastic, Qatar Plastic and J Plast wll owned by Sheikh: Mansour Bin Jabar Al Thani and SonsEconomic Feasibility Study for ‘ Petro Foam Co’ specialized in Plastic wood ( WPC, Doors, Floors, Decoration, Shades Etc  )Economic Study for Short Term Services specialized in Piping ( PVC .

 17- Economic Feasibility Study owned by:

Mr. Nasser M N Alali  Al- madeed ‘Perfect International “Factory specialized in wooden Buildings  Economic Feasibility Study for ‘ Petro Foam Co’ specialized in Plastic wood ( WPC),Doors,   Floors, Decoration, Shades Etc. Economic Study for

Note: Auditing and preparing the Financial Position represent 5% of Total Business Bureau.